The most common issue effecting wood flooring is too much or not enough moisture in you’re your home.  It is essential that you maintain an even constant humidity in your home environment.  Too much drying when you turn on your heating in the fall or excess moisture in the heat of the summer, will cause your floor to expand or contract excessively.  Too much expansion or contraction will cause ridging in the seams of your floor or cracking and gaping.  In the picture below, our customer left the heat on and went away on holiday.

This is the most common complaint of customers who find ridging or cracking in their floor 6 months down the road.  Your best defense is a good offense…monitor your home environment.


Squeaks are often common in wood floors and even moreso in older homes and aged wood.  While this may be indicative of floor with a higher or lower than desired moisture content, minor squeaks are to be expected.  If you notice severe squeaking, across the floor, check the moisture content in the environment within your home.

Excess water: 

Clean this up immediately and set up a fan in the area of the spill.  Although your flooring may expand, this will reduce any long term mis-shaping of the wood and encourage it to revert back to it’s original shape.


Touch up kits are available at most home building stores and can be used for light scratching and some gouges.  For larger gouging, you may need to have the board replaced.