Go Green


In an industry that focuses on the use of trees for it’s main product, you might wonder how we would consider ourselves an environmentally friendly alternative?  At Classic, we make choices that will benefit our customers and the environment in the long term, because we are a company who is conscious of their environmental footprint.

In three major ways, we are reducing our emissions and offgassing:

  1. image showing Bona products and the Greenguard logoWe use Bona Kemi finishes which are ‘greenguard’ certified. This certification means that Bona has restricted the use of VOC’s in their products, and consequently reduced the off-gassing of their products.  For our customers, they will notice less odour and better air quality during the entire finishing process.
  2. We opt for water-based finishes with faster drying times.  A faster drying time means that less chemicals are being released into your home environment and you can get back into your home sooner.
  3. We are the only company in the Kawarthas that have a motorized dust containment and extraction system.  Many companies use a type of vacuum attachment that allows dust and particles to escape, however our system reduces the air-borne particles by 98%, virtually eliminating the dust created by sanding and the installation process.  For our customers, this means that not only is your home less dusty, but your air quality is significantly improved during your renovation project.  For anyone with children, breathing issues, allergies, or asthma, our system is your healthy alternative.

Finally, we encourage the use of highly renewable species such as cork and bamboo for your flooring project.  Because these species regenerate so quickly, the environmental impact on our planet, is significantly reduced.