Stairs, trim & vents

Wood flooring can be enhanced with a simple strip border around the perimeter of the room or an intricate medallion in a foyer or great room. Custom designs give homeowners a one-of-kind floor and add individual character in a home. You can see many available designs here: www.oshkoshdesigns.com.

Stairs can be easily modified by replacing treads or entire staircases.  They can add the ‘wow’ factor to any home and can vary from classic country to modern with metal. 


Borders can accent your entry ways or foyer, make an effective combination with an area rug, complement your kitchen cabinets, outline your fireplace, and create a beautiful transition between rooms. Borders are available in a multiple sizes, wood species, and designs.


Medallions can also personalize your entryway or foyer. You can create your own one of a kind medallion for custom order, such as corporate logos. Medallions are available in a multiple sizes, wood species, and designs.


Vents add the final touch to your hardwood floor. Vents are available in self rimming vents, flush mount vents, and custom cold air returns. Vents are available in multiple, sizes, wood species, and styles.


Step 1: Species & Grades | Step 2: Finishes